Notes to self…

My sweet girls had some fun today with their cousin, and I think one of them in particular is completely wiped out. What fun! Having a pup with so much energy in the house was fun. I have to admit, I don’t think any of us speak Corgi, at least not yet. She would look at us … talking away … We would just look at each other because we didn’t know what she was trying to tell us.

Note to self… must learn Corgi.

Also on the list is continuing to learn tricks to make this website work a little better. The latest addition is a collapsable container for the recipe categories. I feel so accomplished as I continue to figure out each piece of the puzzle.

Note to self… must plan for other sections.

I also have to admit some major respect to the artwork of my mother. Over the years she made beautiful Christmas ornaments, many from kits bought from the Herrschner’s catalog. I promise to post pictures in a later post. Anyway, her ornaments are perfectly aligned, balanced, and beautiful. Mine… a little crooked and tilted. Making a straight line is much harder than one would think. Props to Mom! One day I might make one that looks as good as yours.

Note to self… must learn methods for drawing straight lines on styrofoam balls.

I have so many things that I want to learn… for now, I must turn off The Watcher / Netflix, as well as this computer… and say goodnight.


Originally posted October 23, 2022

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