The project has officially (officially) begun! I am working on taking photos of recipe cards, looking up websites for printed recipes, typing in ones that I cannot import or find online, and discovering new ones as I look around. ha! With this, I am hoping that we will all have a record of the cards, the handwriting, the memories…

I am about 400 recipes in so far. I am also learning the nuances of this website setup, so please be patient as I work on adding more and more sections. You will see the starts of the Appetizers section. I am kind of proud of it so far, but it will take me forever to get everything in this way. What I am finding is that my electronic recipe book doesn’t feed in automatically to the website. Bummer! I will keep looking around for something that will work a little more seamlessly for us and thus move this little project along. Wish me luck!

I am citing the source of the recipe whenever I can. You are also going to see scratch versions, well-used copies, and scribbled notes on a few of these. If there is something in. particular that you are looking for, let me know. I will let you know just as soon as I find it.

Until next time…

Love RaRa

Originally posted October 19, 2022

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