Hot Nutella…

Good morning!

Here I am on the Sunday of turning off daylight savings for the fall and enjoying a cup of hot Nutella. Something is slightly comforting about a crisp morning and a cup of Nutella. This morning, I am stream-surfing. Can it be called channel-surfing if I don’t have cable? Anyway…

I find it amazing that I found a favorite easily-accessible comforting delight when in Iceland. So easy and so comforting. The kind of easy good that you have to wonder why didn’t I think of this before now?!

milk, Nutella, Frangelica

Yum… sigh…deep breath…

This morning, I have a new bucket list item. THIS cooking school. La Peetch. They ask a fantastic question: When did we start “figuring out dinner” and stop “preparing a meal”?

They are using single source spices and mention Burlap and Barrel. I just ordered some spices from them! Wow!

And speaking of spices… the garden! It is giving me such ideas for my new backyard! I have years to figure out the yard, and I love the idea of a wall and wooden boxes used for plant containers.

There is a new show on HBO Max (Magnolia) “Cooking in France.” I am sitting here really wanting to go! I know I am a picky eater, but…

With love to you all


Originally posted November 6, 2022

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