The Collier-Kelly Cookie Bar: The Momofuku MilkBar Compost® Cookie

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This one… well, it was me trying to do something different.  Something fun and funky.  Something unexpected.

I had read about the Momofuku Milk Bar Compost® Cookie, and I started searching for recipes.  To be honest, none of them sounded as good as the original recipe found at the Milkbar Store.  It’s a cookie that, when you start describing the ingredients, folks have a hard time comprehending.  To be honest, the variety of ingredients just doesn’t seem like it would work… BUT IT DOES.

This is cookie number 3 that was on the Cookie Bar at the wedding of my nephew Schuyler.  It was the second one to run out.  Since the wedding, I’ve made the cookie a couple more times, including the yearly neighbor cookie baskets.  Every single person comes back and says that this cookie was “sooooo good.”

Full credits to the creative folks at the Momofuku MilkBar…  very well done indeed!


My hints for you:

1- Take your time.  When the directions say to beat the butter mixture for 7-8 minutes… do it.

2- Be careful not to overmix the batter once you start adding the other ingredients.  It really is just to incorporate the ingredients.

3- Aim for a whole pretzel.  “You deserve a pat on the back if one of your cookies bakes off with a whole pretzel standing up in the center.”–MilkBar

4- Use fresh unused coffee grounds – not instant coffee granules.  No, really.  They give this as a footnote to their recipe.

5- Pre-form and chill the dough.  Do not skimp on this step.


Now that I am convinced that this cookie works, I want to experiment with other treats and bits.  Like caramel for the butterscotch – or – mini marshmallows – or – toffee bits – or – cinnamon chips – or – honey-roasted peanuts…

So if Tom Douglas has THE Cookie of all cookies… this one is definitely its kissin’ cousin.



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