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  • Mick L on Flickr

    Mick L on Flickr

    October 8, 2016 No Comment

    My brother Mick – the artist.  The one who has more drawing ability in the nail of his little pinky than I have in my whole being.  Me?  I can paint… a wall.  Sometimes I can even get a nice straight line on the borders, but Mick was born with that artistic eye and ability.  Click […]

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  • Butter Dreams, part 2

    Butter Dreams, part 2

    September 5, 2016 No Comment

    For all of my friends who have been asking “How did you learn to do this?” These are my notes about my journey to Tim and Sharon’s wedding cake, including a few of my favorite resources.  Some I have followed for a long time, others I have just discovered.   First, a few hints: Play with […]

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  • Butter Dreams, part 1

    Butter Dreams, part 1

    September 4, 2016 No Comment

    What a busy and exciting week! I had the honor of baking a wedding cake for some dear friends.  She wanted sunflowers and a happy backyard feeling.  It was barbecue, banana pudding, and my cakes.  Wow! I’ve been asked by several people, “How did you learn to do this?” or “When did start decorating cakes?” […]

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